The Copa América stadium vibrated with an electric atmosphere, where fervent fans draped in national colors painted a mosaic of passion. The field, meticulously manicured, awaited the clash of South America's football giants.With XbotGo Sports Gimbal, capturing every moment of the epic event with clarity and precision is easy, even for the green hand of filming. This is the action camera you don't want to miss.

Reasons for choosing XbotGo:

1. AI-Powered Automatic Tracking:
XbotGo features advanced AI technology for automatic tracking with AI Sports Gimbal, accurately following ball and player movements with up to 95% accuracy. This allows you to capture every highlight of your favorite player from the best angles and makes replays effortless. The device can also customize team names and colors on the scoreboard to match those on the field.

2. High-definition and Long-distance Tracking:
Users can specify targets for tracking with simple commands, ensuring precise focus on desired subjects, whether individuals or objects. Meanwhile, it's designed for long-distance tracking, XbotGo Sports Gimbal maintains stable tracking performance both indoors and outdoors, expanding shooting possibilities, especially for ball games.

3. Portable and Hands-free:
When it comes to big events, it's inevitable to consider the weight of the package for a long trip. Compact and lightweight, XbotGo is easy to carry and transport, making it ideal for capturing adventures on the go. Additionally, it's possible to cheer for your favorite team to your heart's content while recording every moment in stable, high-definition with your Xbotgo-equipped phone without hands.

4. Effortless for Live Streaming, Editing and Sharing:
With just a touch, you can easily stream events on our app, Facebook, YouTube, or any platform supporting RTMP protocols. Whether you're capturing the whole competition of Copa América or the finesse of a critical goal, Xbotgo ensures your live broadcasts are smooth and professional. Editing your footage is just as seamless and sharing your experiences is instantaneous with XbotGo.With integrated sharing features, you can effortlessly publish your edited videos to your favorite social media platforms. Instantly connect with friends, family, and fans as you relive the excitement of Copa América or any other unforgettable event.

XbotGo isn't just an action camera—it's your ultimate filming companion. With AI-powered automatic tracking and the ability to pinpoint targets effortlessly, it liberates your hands so you can focus on capturing every special moment. Plus, with live streaming and seamless sharing features, XbotGo brings your experiences to life instantly, connecting you with your community in real time. Discover a new way to film with XbotGo—wherever your journey takes you, capture it with ease and share it with the world. All in all, the Xbotgo Sports Gimble is one device that you shouldn't forget to take it to Copa América.

July 01, 2024 — Blink Support

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