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Blink Tech Inc, headquartered in the heart of Mountain View, California, is a trailblazing AI technology company driven by our dual passions for sports and enhancing user experiences through cutting-edge AI technologies. In the transformative year of 2022, we proudly unveiled the inaugural "XbotGo" (originally known as "Blink Focos") AI sports camera, redefining the art of capturing sports moments by turning your smartphone into a professional sports cameraman.

Blink Tech was founded by the visionary David Tan, whose extensive expertise spans over a decade in the realms of research and development, with a strong emphasis on computer vision and smart gadgets. Holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California Davis, David's illustrious career has seen him contribute to pioneering R&D endeavors at Amazon Lab 126, Qualcomm, and Bell Labs. Beyond his professional journey, David is a devoted father deeply committed to youth sports. His inspiration to embark on this transformative mission was ignited during his three years of accompanying his son on the soccer field, propelling his desire to redefine how we capture and share sports videos.

Traditionally, capturing top-tier sports events has necessitated either the presence of a skilled cameraperson or the utilization of expensive live video tracking and recording equipment. While recording a brief video on a mobile phone or camera is straightforward, capturing the essence of an entire game, followed by meticulous post-production editing, has remained a costly luxury, inaccessible to most youth teams and families.

Our AI sports cameraman, XbotGo, ingeniously empowers your smartphone to intuitively discern the focal point on the field, autonomously track it, and fluidly zoom and pan to follow the action—mirroring the work of a professional cameraperson. Our technology leverages industrial-grade computer vision algorithms to elevate consumer-grade products. XbotGo consistently and accurately tracks the ball and players, democratizing the art of recording sports matches. This groundbreaking innovation holds profound significance for everyday parents, youth leagues, coaches, and amateur sports enthusiasts.

Play hard, film smart. ─── XbotGo!


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