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Optimized For Auto Team Sports Tracking

Optimized For Team sports

AI-Powered Auto Tracking

Step into the world of effortless team sports game recording with XbotGo, the first consumer-grade AI Sports Smartphone Gimbal. This innovative device offers a new perspective in capturing team sports, delivering professional-grade, autonomous tracking of on-field action.

Automatically Capture Various Sports Modes

The XbotGo AI Sports Gimbal excels in versatile sports scene tracking, automatically following and capturing team sports, it effortlessly covers soccer, basketball, hockey, football, rugby, lacrosse and more.

Accurate Player Tracking

Leveraging re-identification technology, FollowMe 2.0 intelligently identifies and locks onto an athlete based on their appearance, body shape, jersey number, and more, ensuring seamless tracking even amidst distractions. It can also zoom in to keep the subject prominently within the frame, delivering sharp and professional footage.

Effortless Highlight Sharing

Easily transform key moments into shareable snippets and highlights, perfect for sharing with family, teammates, or friends with just a few clicks. By tagging moments using your remote controller or Apple Watch, allowing you to create semi-automatic highlights for any sport you love.

No Monthly Fees

Easily connects the gimbal with XbotGo app via Bluetooth.


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Capturing smooth and professional-grade videos has never been easier, thanks to the cutting-edge technology packed into the XbotGo. Say goodbye to shaky shots and hello to cinematic excellence! 🎥✨


Capture every moment with precision and fluidity, powered by the XbotGo AI Gimbal. Let it be your steady companion on the journey to success, turning every challenge into a memorable victory.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"I am very satisfied with the product, it does what I wanted as a technical director of the academy, it gave us many solutions in the field of video analysis, of course i 'm still not fully familiar with all its possibilities because I am a new user of the product. Very helpful with immediate responses from the company side to the problems that arose. Excellent job."
Customer reviews
"I am a head coach for both a high school highly competitive winter basketball team and I coach AAU during the rest of the year for basketball. This solution is the most cost effective and it gets the job done. I expect to start seeing these everywhere like AAU tournaments and such from here on out. "
— David B
Customer reviews
"The kids are running around and the phone just follows around. It's pretty accurate and it's good for the kids to review how they did and how could they have done better. Livestreaming is a cool feature as well.I will buy it again to gift someone else."
— Jill D