The anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as the world gears up for the grandest spectacle in sports - Super Bowl 2024. In the heart of this excitement, fans, analysts, and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the clash of titans that will unfold on the hallowed grounds of the Super Bowl arena. And as the world prepares for the electrifying Super Bowl 2024, there's no better time to revolutionize your sports recording experience. Introducing XbotGo, the groundbreaking AI Sports Smartphone Gimbal that brings a new dimension to capturing the intensity of team sports.

XbotGo: Redefining Sports Recording:

Step into the sports recording enhance experience with XbotGo, the first consumer-grade AI Sports Smartphone Gimbal. This innovative device goes beyond conventional recording, offering professional-grade, autonomous tracking of on-field action. No more worrying about keeping the camera steady or missing crucial plays – XbotGo takes care of it all.

XbotGo NFL Sports Gimbal

Enhanced Key Features:

  • Hands-free Recording of Team Sports: XbotGo allows you to enjoy the game while it takes care of the recording. Simply set it up, and let the gimbal do the work, ensuring you don't miss a single moment of the action.

  • User-friendly App for Intuitive Control: Seamlessly control XbotGo with our user-friendly app, providing you with an intuitive interface for effortless operation.

  • Advanced Auto-Tracking: Utilizing cutting-edge pose and motion tracking technology, XbotGo ensures that your chosen subject is always the center of attention, delivering dynamic and engaging footage.

  • Superior Image Stabilization: Enjoy clear, uninterrupted footage with XbotGo's superior image stabilization technology. Say goodbye to shaky videos and hello to professional-grade recordings.

  • Compact, Foldable Design: Designed for easy portability, XbotGo's compact and foldable design makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go sports enthusiasts and parents eager to capture their children's games or practices.

  • Intelligent Shooting Modes: Capture the entire field with panoramic shots featuring up to 340° coverage. XbotGo offers intelligent shooting modes that ensure you get the perfect shot every time.

  • No Subscription or Hidden Fees: XbotGo believes in transparency. Enjoy all the features without any subscription hassles or hidden fees.

  • Compatibility with Android and iOS: Available on both Google Play and the App Store, XbotGo caters to users on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring widespread accessibility.

  • Recommended Accessories: Enhance your experience with the recommended T1 tripod (3.77ft) for basketball and the T4 tripod (13ft) for soccer (football). These accessories provide additional stability and height for capturing every detail of the game.

  • Compatible Remote Control: Take full control of your recording experience with the compatible remote control, allowing you to focus on the game while capturing the best moments effortlessly.

AI Processor XbotGo app


February 10, 2024 — Young Yang


Steve said:

What the price and where and how can I buy it
And another question, is it suitable for photographing football games?

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