Step into the future of sports recording with the latest update from XbotGo – your go-to companion for effortless and professional-grade sports game video capture. Starting with team-game tracking, we've now added key player tracking based on your preferences. Our revolutionary AI Sports Smartphone Gimbal now introduces FollowMe tech, a groundbreaking feature designed to enhance your sports recording experience. With front and rear camera support featuring gesture recognition, users can effortlessly initiate and terminate tracking and recording. The update also brings improved Upload/Download functionality, leveraging multiple data centers for faster transfer speeds. Elevating the streaming experience, users can now enjoy high-quality 1080P and 720p live streaming capabilities, ensuring crisp and clear content for an enhanced viewing experience.


 XbotGo KeyPlayer Tracking

Simplified Team Sports Recording:

XbotGo takes team sports like basketball tracking and soccer tracking recording to the next level by offering autonomous tracking of on-field action. With its advanced algorithms, this consumer-grade AI gimbal simplifies the complexities of capturing team sports, ensuring comprehensive coverage of every play.

FollowMe Targeted-Tracking:

Our FollowMe Tech goes beyond traditional tracking by memorizing and re-identifying the target subject, providing reliable and accurate individual tracking. Even in multi-person scenarios with changing directions or brief obstructions, XbotGo excels in capturing fast-paced sports movements.

Gesture Control:

Experience the convenience of remote recording with a simple hand palm gesture. XbotGo locks onto you, allowing for the effortless start and stop of recordings. Ideal for solo jobs, training videos, and demo recordings, our gesture control feature ensures minimal effort for maximum impact.

Gesture Control on XbotGo app

Long-Distance Tracking:

XbotGo maintains accurate pinpoint tracking and framing up to 50 meters, ensuring you never lose sight of your main subject. Enjoy clear and professional recordings, even from a distance.

Zoom In & Out - Coming Soon:

Stay tuned for our upcoming Auto Zoom feature, smartly adjusting the zoom based on player movements and distance. Capture every exciting moment in sharp focus, whether up close or from afar.

XbotGo FollowMe Tech

Versatile Applications:

XbotGo isn't just for sports; it's your versatile companion for vlogging, sports training, documentaries, live streaming, events, and creative filmmaking.

Team-Game Tracking & Key Player Focus:

Upgrade your sports recording game with XbotGo and immerse yourself in the world of FollowMe Tech – where capturing every moment is as effortless as it is extraordinary. Download the update today and let your creativity unfold on the field! XbotGo is dedicated to providing you with the features you want for an unparalleled sports recording experience.

February 01, 2024 — Blink Support


Julio said:

The tracking feature is only working on the demo mode in the app. When I put the settings to 5v5, 7v7, or 9v9 soccer it does not have the option the reverse the camera and therefore seems to not give the option to track a person. This is pretty frustrating considering I just bought the full set including the t1, t4, and remote. I was showing the rest of the team this supposed feature and it disappointed. I am hoping there is a fix or update to this.

Mynor Morales said:

When will higher resolution video be available?

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