The XbotGo AI Sports gimbal is perfect to record soccer, basketball, lacrosse, American football, and hockey games, as it can automatically track and capture the actions and ball movements with ease.


Easy Setup

For optimal performance, position it at the center line of the field. Mount the gimbal on a tripod using a ¼’’ screw thread, and unfold it. Then, attach your phone to the gimbal, ensuring you remove the phone case to prevent overheating. Align the top of the phone with the direction indicator on the holder. To power on the gimbal, simply press the power button for 1 second and then connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. In case the device is not visible in the app, head to “Settings” → “Bluetooth” on your iPhone, and look for the device named “GP7_XXX” to establish the connection. If you need to reset Bluetooth, hold the power button and the shutter button (on the back) together for 3 seconds.

In the Xbot Go app, tap the orange logo to pair with the device and select the appropriate mode for the sport you're recording. Press the power button once to rotate the phone, and then begin recording. After the game, press the power button for 1 second to turn off the gimbal.


Share Exciting Moments Through Livestream

Live stream your recording through Facebook and Xbot's own platform. In the XbotGo App, tap the logo, select the recording mode, and you'll find the live button in the top right corner. Tap it to start streaming, and note that live recording supports 1080P streaming. To protect your stream, you can set a password beforehand or skip this step. When live, two buttons will be available in the top right corner: one to share the link with others and another to stop the live stream.


Footages are too large? We Got you Covered

Video files can be large and take up a considerable amount of your phone's space. Fortunately, you can upload them to your Xbot cloud. To share videos on the cloud, open the Xbot Go app, tap "manage," and under "cloud," select the videos you wish to share. You can then choose to share them on various platforms or copy the link and open it in a browser to download the video.


Click to View XbotGo AI Sports Gimbal


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