XbotGo AI gimbal is perfect recording solution for basketball games. It can auto track and record the actions and ball movements. It is very light and small to carry. Take it to any basketball game you want to record. You can shoot it yourself and freely adjust the parameters of the video. If you are a parent who want to film your kids when they play basketball, your phone and the gimbal will help you to get professional ball photography.


Best Game Recording Assistant

A basketball game lasts 40-48 minutes. Asking a friend or family member to record the basketball games may be too much for them. XbotGo AI Sports Gimbal will be your best game recording assistant. It can automatically track the ball, find the best angle, and guarantee smooth game footage. With the far distance and multiple players in the field, AI can still achieve the right direction up to 95% accuracy. All you need to do is setting up the gimbal and press ON button. XbotGo AI gimbal will hold your phone and follow the actions as your cameraman.


Setup is Straightforward.

Mount gimbal to tripod. After quickly paring the gimbal and phone, you can choose basketball game type, age group, and group size in the Xbot Go APP. Turn on recording button. Then, it will work by itself. You may wonder how to save your footage and share it with your friends. After all, the video files can be very large and consume much of your phone’s space. You can upload them to your Xbot cloud. Feel free to share the videos with your friends, family, and social media by sharing the link of the video in the cloud. The videos can also be downloaded by copying link of videos to the web browser like Chrome.


Broadcast Your Game to Friends and Family

If you family members cannot come to the field, live stream could be a good choice. You can make live stream the game through Facebook and Xbot’s own platform. In the Xbot Go app, you can easily enable live stream and share the link with your friends and family. After choosing the sport mode in the app, you can simply tap on live button on the top right of recording screen. You can choose to set up the password if you need. Make sure you login your account in the setting. Share life button on the top right of recording screen will show you an available link. Send the link to your friends and let them enjoy the great game at the same time with you.



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July 27, 2023 — XinLeonie

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