In the ever-evolving world of technology, software updates play a crucial role in enhancing user experiences and keeping devices up-to-date with the latest features and optimizations. The recent release of XbotGo APP iOS 2.3.7 on the AppStore is no exception. This update brings some exciting new functionalities and improvements that are sure to delight Apple device users.

Let's dive into what's new with iOS 2.3.7:

1. Apple Watch as a Remote Control

One of the standout features of this update is the addition of Apple Watch support as a remote control for your phone. Now, you can use your Apple Watch to control various aspects of your device, offering convenience and ease of use like never before. Whether it's navigating your device's interface or controlling media playback, having your Apple Watch as a remote control adds a new dimension to your Apple ecosystem. Combine it to use with our XbotGo Gimbal and bring you convenience and new experience.


2. Enhanced Tracking for 5x5 Football

For sports enthusiasts and users who enjoy capturing their football adventures, iOS 2.3.7 brings significant improvements to the 5x5 football tracking feature. The update optimizes the tracking capabilities, ensuring that users with iPhone 13 and newer models benefit from a 0.7x zoom factor, resulting in optimal tracking performance. Meanwhile, older iPhone models will use a 1.0x zoom factor to maintain the highest video quality. This attention to detail showcases Apple's commitment to catering to a wide range of devices while delivering the best possible experience.

3. Intuitive Album Navigation

Navigating through your photo albums has never been smoother. iOS 2.3.7 introduces a left-right swipe feature in the photo album, allowing users to effortlessly explore their images. This feature not only enhances the overall usability of the photo album but also makes it easier to find and view your cherished memories. With just a swipe, you can now uncover more of your photographic journey.

4. Fixed Local Image Saving Issue

In any software update, bug fixes are essential to maintaining a seamless user experience. iOS 2.3.7 addresses an issue that some users were facing: failed attempts to save images locally. With this problem resolved, you can now enjoy the peace of mind that your images will be saved correctly, ensuring that your precious moments are never lost.

In conclusion, the iOS 2.3.7 update represents another step forward in Apple's ongoing commitment to enhancing its products and delivering a user experience that is second to none. From the convenience of Apple Watch remote control to the optimized football tracking and improved album navigation, this update offers something for everyone. Plus, the bug fixes ensure that you can enjoy these features without any hiccups.

To make the most of these enhancements, head to the AppStore, and update your iOS device to version 2.3.7 today. Your Apple experience is about to get even better!


November 22, 2023 — Blink Support

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