The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, a hub for the latest tech innovations, set the stage for XbotGo's AI sports gimbal. This product, designed to enhance user experiences with advanced technology, marked XbotGo's entry into the sports recording market.

The event also witnessed the debut of the XbotGo 2 Cameraman, featuring the groundbreaking XbotVision Algorithm 2.0 for auto-tracking in over 20 sports. we'll delve into how XbotGo's groundbreaking product aligns seamlessly with the predominant AI trends witnessed at CES 2024, offering a glimpse into the future of sports and video recording technology.

Meet us at Booths Venetian Expo, Hall G — 60837 — Eureka Park to explore our innovative solutions in person!


AI-Powered Personalization:

XbotGo's Sports Gimbal Stabilizer wowed attendees at CES 2024 with its incorporation of AI technology to provide unparalleled personalization. XbotGo recognizes the importance of real-time processing when it comes to capturing fast-paced sports action. That's why Sports Gimbal Stabilizer includes AI-powered edge computing capabilities. With AI processing on the device itself, users can expect immediate stabilization and enhanced video quality without relying solely on cloud-based solutions. It's a game-changer for sports enthusiasts and content creators who demand quick and responsive video stabilization.

Multi-Player Tracking: Our intelligent AI analyzes the sports scene, allowing the gimbal to auto-track the ball or follow multiple players' movements and actions. From soccer to basketball, XbotGo ensures that every player's contribution is captured, creating a comprehensive sports record.

Dynamic Live Streaming: Whether it's a championship game or a friendly match, XbotGo supports live streaming on multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and more. Share your team's triumphs in real-time, connecting with fans and supporters worldwide.

Whether you're a coach looking to analyze game performance, a parent capturing your child's sporting achievements, or a dedicated fan documenting your favorite team's journey, XbotGo's Sports Gimbal Stabilizer is engineered to deliver exceptional results in team sports recording. Don't compromise on the quality of your sports footage. Choose XbotGo and capture every thrilling moment, every goal, and every victory with precision and clarity.

 xbotgo sports Gimbal in CES

January 09, 2024 — Blink Support


O said:

when will you publish the 2nd gen for sale?

jameel said:

I wont make the convention, but i want to understand will you guys have a better version of the xbot coming out?
I have the AI autotracker now and its hit or miss, does catch up with players moving back and forth on the basketball court…is the XbotGo 2 Cameraman out yet and is it an upgrade from what i have now ??

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