Imagine having a dedicated device that allows your phone camera follows the action on the field, ensuring that every kick, pass, and touchdown is captured with professional precision. With XbotGo, you can now make this dream a reality. Our AI-powered gimbal intelligently analyzes the dynamics of the sports scene, utilizing advanced algorithms to autonomously track the ball and players. It adapts seamlessly to the movements and interactions of multiple players, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage of every play. For your reference, we’ve compiled some reviews from across the web, what you’ll find here are some quotes of the full reviews, and you can access the full reviews with the provided links.


 1) Ledge Andary posted the review video: Cameramen are being REPLACED by This... on Dec 28, 2023

With the AI auto-tracking, you don't miss a moment of the shots and action of the game or practice. It is ideal for athletes, trainers, and coaches

The video introduces the XbotGo gimbal, emphasizing its AI-powered capabilities for sports recording, and mentions that it was provided by Blink Tech for testing. The unboxing process is detailed, highlighting the contents of the package, including the gimbal, mini tripod, storage pouch, and USB-C cable. Additionally, the soccer tripod, which extends up to 4 meters and includes a stabilization bag for added stability, is showcased as a valuable accessory.

The video demonstrates the setup of the gimbal, from attaching it to the tripod to mounting a smartphone and powering it on. It emphasizes the role of the XbotGo app as the central control hub, allowing users to select various modes, adjust settings, and utilize features like auto zoom and auto tracking. It also showcases the impressive AI tracking capabilities of the gimbal during a soccer match, ensuring that no action is missed. 



2) Review Video From Vincenzo Langella - Vince Tech Channel, XBOTGO - The FEATURE that SURPRISED me, Posted on Dec 26, 2023: 

"What really amazed me about this gimbal is the stabilization."

"The XbotGo gimbal could really be the gimbal for you, especially if you need to film yourself or create content for your followers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more."

Vince demonstrates how easy it is to set up the gimbal, from attaching it to the tripod to mounting a smartphone and turning it on. He showcases the XbotGo app as the central control hub for adjusting settings like resolution, streaming options, auto zoom, and auto tracking.

The AI tracking capabilities of the gimbal are demonstrated as Vince shows how it automatically follows a person's movements during a soccer match. He praises the AI auto-tracking for ensuring that no action is missed during recording, which is particularly beneficial for sports enthusiasts.

In his final remarks, Vince provides an overall positive assessment of the XbotGo gimbal and app, stating that it is an excellent tool for athletes, trainers, coaches, and parents interested in recording or live-streaming sports events. The only drawback he mentions is the initial setup of the app, which requires some configuration before attaching the gimbal to the soccer tripod. However, he notes that the makers promise to address this issue with a future remote controller.



3)  IRAQI GEEK posted a review viedo of XbotGo AI is the most powerful gimbal that takes pictures using artificial intelligence, originally posted on Dec 12, 2023:

In this video, IRAQI GEEK introduces the XbotGo gimbal for phones and cameras. The concept of gimbals has remained consistent over the years, focusing on stabilizing devices for capturing smooth footage. The XbotGo, however, stands out with its integration of artificial intelligence, particularly its Smart AI Tracking feature. The video provides an unboxing of the product, showcasing its contents, and explains its user-friendly setup. The gimbal's smoothness of movement, quick charging, and excellent battery life are highlighted as key features. The only drawback mentioned is the gimbal's inability to record in 4K resolution, although it's suggested that this might be addressed in future updates.


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